THE EASTERN HOUSE — common space for dialogue of the Eastern European nations

The Eastern House is a concrete place in Poland, but, above all, it is an immediate idea of the fruitful historical dialogue between nations, historically inhabited Eastern Europe and separated by the bloody history of the XXth century. The aim of the Eastern House is to create such home-like space for Poles, Ukrainians, Russian, Jews, Belorusians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Georgians, Armenians etc. where individual memory of any nation could exist, the same time peacefully confronting and discussing in the areas of the still unresolved conflicts of the past.

The SHOW-WINDOW of the Easter House

This is the new place of initiating the activity of the Eastern House.

In Warsaw, in the premises at Constitution Square, 6 we open a WINDOW [Vitrine] through which you will see what the Eastern House is to be. 

We start building it here immediately - with joint efforts of Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Russians, Lithuanians... - opponents of the regimes, supporters of the dialogue between our nations, related to the historical past, but now so affected by the terrible political present.


We would like to foster a consistent dialogue both on history and the present time between previously conflicting Eastern European nations. This dialogue is aimed at settling the historical accounts of the past.


We would like to establish a center for creative work, serving people concerned with the history and present of Eastern Europe.


We would like to create a space, open to many nations and including both national groups and transnational projects like libraries, archives and exhibitions.

Initiators of the project

Foundation of the Eastern House The Eastern House Foundation works for peaceful coexistence between the nations of Eastern Europe. For this very purpose we create a center for historical dialogue and documentation of the common past, located in the palace and park complex of Mordy near Siedlce. It fosters a systematic dialogue both on history and nowadays issues between the formerly conflicted nations of the eastern part of Europe. The aim of this dialogue is to settle the historical accounts of the hard past. 

KARTA Center Foundation presents, preserves and popularizes history, revealed from the perspective of the private person. It approaches history in such a manner that the past becomes a source of mutual understanding, helps to build civil society and encourages people to work for reconciliation. This way we correct historical mistakes of the past. KARTA is engaged in archival, publishing, exhibition and educational activities. It is a member of the National Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations, Polish Book Chamber, the international network of history competitions EUSTORY and Platform of European Memory and Conscience.


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